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I was born in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, a place where architecture, art and history come together and create something extraordinary.

My inspiration stems from my roots, from my travels all around the world and from the continuous desire to experiment with new styles. From the continuous search for beauty.

I believe my distinctive feature is elegance. I always try to mix design and clients’ requests, not forgetting the fil rouge of the project which to me can be summarized in “Style and elegance”.  My quest for style is obsessive. Every detail is studied, every material has a story, its reason-why in the project.  

My education background is both classical – thanks to my high school classical studies – and technical – due to my degree with top marks in Interior Design at Firenze University.

Beside this, my family has a tradition in constructions, which had surely an influence in my education.

I start my job experience in an exclusive event organization agency, when still a student. In 2012 I enter the yachting world as Interior Architect in the Style Department of Benetti prestigious shipyard in Viareggio. With years passing by, I become responsible for Benetti Classic, Classic Supreme and Fb700 lines, taking part to the definition and development of 15 yacht.

In July 2018 I decide to start working as a freelancer and open my studio Leonardo Santi Design, specialized in “bespoke” yacht design and luxury interior design.


The design world is becoming increasingly multisensory.

The clients still look for functionality, but, above all, they want an experience.

Designers try to involve clients from a 360 degrees perspective, making them part of the project and not just the end users of it. In the end, the result should be the expression of their personality.

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